Difficult bulk goods that are weighed or stored in containers need to be discharged quickly and residue-free. The ROWEFLEX® pinch valve releases the entire cross-section when the container is opened. This supports a fast and complete discharge of the product. Especially in processes where different bulk goods must be merged, the pinch valve can be interconnected as a flexible regulation component. With the parallel use of several pinch valves, product flows can be precisely regulated. The fully flexible sealing devices are available in an open or closed design, whereby in both cases the elastomer used can be adapted to the given circumstances.


Highlights of the ROWEFLEX® pinch valve

Product flows are better controlled thanks to flexible regulation

The ROWEFLEX® pinch valve stands out from the rest with its special capabilities in the regulation of complicated product flows. With parallel application, transport processes can be perfectly coordinated. Even when feeding various bulk goods into a scale or a flexible container, the pinch seal can completely stop the product flow as an upstream sealing device.

Our pinch valve can be integrated into your plant without any difficulty.

Their easy integration into existing systems and particularly durable design make the pinch valve the first choice in handling bulk goods. The pinch valve has already become established as a unique sealing device in the following application areas:

ROWEFLEX ® Pinch valve type QSO

  • Two linear drives as a simple container seal
  • Function: Open – Closed

The ROWEFLEX® pinch valve is delivered ready for connection and consists of:

Component Material
Casing 1.4301
2 pinch bars PA, el
2 D-cylinders
1 solenoid valve* 5/2 way 24VDC*
4 initiators* 3wire PNP 24VDC*
1 terminal box* plastic
plastic see list of materials
2 protective claddings with inspection window 1.4301
Documentation in German or English

*Other designs are possible at the customer’s request

Standard sizes

This is an overview of our standard sizes with a nominal diameter of 100 to 400mm. We would be happy to offer you special solutions with other diameters.

ROWEFLEX® Materials


The material is tailored to your needs according to the purpose and application area. We always have a wide selection of the most diverse elastomers in stock and can also test them in direct conjunction with your product.

We would be happy to advise you in the selection of a material.

Material Rubber quality Color FDA-conform Electrical conductivity
NK Natural rubber beige
NK w Natural rubber white +
PG Natural rubber grey
CR w Neoprene white +
CR sw Neoprene black +
EP sw EPDM black + +
EP w EPDM white +
NBR sw Perbunan black +
NBR w Perbunan white +
SI Silicone transparent +

*Extract of the material portfolio