Bulk goods are guided through downpipes in many industrial processes. With their flexible texture, ROWEFLEX® downpipes prevent product adhesion and buildup in the interior and thus guarantee smooth product transport. With special vibration elements or knockers, even difficult bulk goods can be transported quickly, gently, and residue-free. In conjunction with the ROWEFLEX® pinch valve as a shutoff valve and the ROWEFLEX® 2-way diverter as a diverter, they form the optimally flexible downpipe system. Thanks to their special design, we can address individual customer needs already in the planning phase and implement them. This means that we are completely flexible both in the creation of new systems and in the conversion of existing systems.

Connect flexibly

Highlights of ROWEFLEX® downpipes

Faster transport without product adhesion or product buildup

Even with unfavorable wall inclinations, our downpipe systems work efficiently and fast without adhesion or buildup of product in the interior. Here, flexible systems are custom-made so they can even be integrated into existing plants.

Our downpipes can be integrated into your plant without any difficulty.

Their special design allows them to be completely integrated into existing plants and, with the option of retrofitting, is the perfect supplement for bulk goods processing systems. Their texture and optimizing properties for product conveyance have established ROWEFLEX® downpipes in the following application areas:

ROWEFLEX® downpipe systems are specially adapted to your application. The illustrations show some design examples.


  • All contours and shapes can be manufactured
  • There are no mold costs thanks to the special type of assembly
  • In-house design and manufacture
  • On-site consulting and connection
  • With many materials, fabric reinforcement for strain- and pressure relief is possible

ROWEFLEX® Materials


The material is tailored to your needs according to the purpose and application area. We always have a wide selection of the most diverse elastomers in stock and can also test them in direct conjunction with your product.

We would be happy to advise you in the selection of a material.

Material Rubber quality Color FDA-conform Electrical conductivity
NK Natural rubber beige
NK w Natural rubber white +
PG Natural rubber grey
CR w Neoprene white +
CR sw Neoprene black +
EP sw EPDM black + +
EP w EPDM white +
NBR sw Perbunan black +
NBR w Perbunan white +
SI Silicone transparent +

*Extract of the material portfolio