In downpipe systems, it is often necessary to redirect or discharge product flows into different process paths. The ROWEFLEX® 2-way diverter was specially developed for this task and can distribute difficult bulk goods extremely effectively and reliably with the use of a flexible elastomer trouser. Its unique design makes the 2-way diverter absolutely dust-tight and self-cleaning. Thanks to these properties, it is especially suitable for use in the food and pharmaceutical sectors as well as with toxic and highly adhesive materials.

Heavy duty – extremely flexible, even with difficult industrial tasks

The ROWEFLEX® 2-way diverter HD

The new HD model has an extremely sealed casing, which is pressure-resistant up to 1 bar. The rubber trouser is also absolutely leak-tight up to 0.2 bar differential pressure between the discharges. This makes the HD diverter extremely suited for discharging rinsing liquids under solid centrifuges. These special features predestine the 2-way diverter HD for chemical applications. In addition, there are no interior mechanical components, which means that the diverter can also be used for pharmaceutical applications. The casing of the diverter also includes an inspection glass and a filling level indicator for checking the interior or an error message in the event the hose bursts. Further safety features include a pressure accumulator for reserve supply in the event of a drop in air pressure and a solenoid valve with a spring return to reset the diverter to the safety position. With two parallel drives, the diverter functions quickly and reliably. Also, an outside display shows the respective shift position of the diverter and, thanks to integrated safety precautions, can switch at any time to the safety position and stay there in the event of a malfunction.

Features of the new ROWEFLEX® 2-way diverter HD in detail

Its unique design makes the 2-way diverter extremely efficient.

With its unique design, the 2-way diverter is highly flexible and can be integrated into existing systems without difficulty. With the use of an elastomer trouser, the 2-way diverter is self-cleaning as well as being absolutely dust-tight. In addition, there are no interior metallic components, so there is no narrowing of the cross-section in the product space.

Drive options

  • Electropneumatic
  • Manual operation
  • Other drive options possible

The 2-way diverter is the optimal solution for your bulk goods handling.

Products need to be redirected or discharged in many areas of bulk goods processing. The 2-way diverter stands apart with its versatile applicability and simple handling. The 2-way diverter has become established as an extremely effective diverter in the following application areas:

Connection variations

  • Rubber part turned over and secured with bolt clamp
  • Flange connection with holes as per DIN
  • Pharmaceutical connection or FLY flange connection as per DIN
  • Further connection variants possible

ROWEFLEX® Materials


The material is tailored to your needs according to the purpose and application area. We always have a wide selection of the most diverse elastomers in stock and can also test them in direct conjunction with your product.

We would be happy to advise you in the selection of a material.

Material Rubber quality Color FDA-conform Electrical conductivity
NK Natural rubber beige
NK w Natural rubber white +
PG Natural rubber grey
CR w Neoprene white +
CR sw Neoprene black +
EP sw EPDM black + +
EP w EPDM white +
NBR sw Perbunan black +
NBR w Perbunan white +
SI Silicone transparent +

*Extract of the material portfolio