A good scale decoupling system is indispensable for a flawless weighing process. Our new compensators are specially developed for use in the area of bulk goods handling and offer optimal decoupling of disruptive influences. The vase-shaped compensator consists of a seamlessly injection-molded single part. The vase-shaped contour is absolutely dimensionally stable and ensures a smooth product flow without residues. The membrane area is still highly flexible and reliably decouples disruptive influences. This way, you can obtain uncompromised measurement results at any time. The interior spaces of the compensator are self-cleaning thanks to their especially smooth surface, reducing the risk of product contamination. The ROWEFLEX® vase-shaped compensator is available in several sizes.  There is the EPDM compensator in black or white design as well as the black or transparent silicone variants. All models conform to FDA requirements. In addition, the black designs of both materials are electrically conductive. The compensator is suitable for CIP cleaning and can be mounted with Tri-Clamp connectors.

Flexible & clean

Highlights of the new ROWEFLEX® vase-shaped compensators

Especially efficient thanks to its special contour

For precise weighing results, the scale must be decoupled from external disruptive influences, which can distort results enormously. ROWEFLEX® vase-shaped compensators not only effectively counteract this principle, but their special contour also prevents the buildup of product residues in the interior. This way, you can obtain optimal results and prevent product contamination due to residues from earlier processes. The vase-shaped compensator is also absolutely self-cleaning and is cost-efficient and quickly replaceable in the event of any failure.

Optimal weighing processes without residues and contaminants

The vase-shaped compensator is distinguished by its capabilities especially in the area of industrial weighing and filling processes. Its enormous flexibility coupled with its special properties make it stand out as the optimal supplement for various weighing systems.

ROWEFLEX® Materials


The material is tailored to your needs according to the purpose and application area. We always have a wide selection of the most diverse elastomers in stock and can also test them in direct conjunction with your product.

We would be happy to advise you in the selection of a material.

Material Rubber quality Color FDA-conform Electrical conductivity
EP sw EPDM black + +
EP w EPDM white +
SI Silicone transparent +

*Extract from material portfolio